Dr. Nguyen (shokora_kafe) wrote in ad_anything,
Dr. Nguyen

earth16_meme, a young justice animated anonymous and kink meme

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earth16_meme is a Young Justice Animated anonymous and kink meme.
It is similar to yj_anon_meme and justice_kink, except for the fact that
doesn't rely on neither Delicious or Dreamwidth or the new livejournal layout that
many anonymous and kink memes use. Instead there is a separate journal entry
for posting prompts and another for the actual prompt itself. We had hope this
would make it easier for those who track and fill prompts without having to track
the entire prompt post. We also have a tagging system for those who have a particular
pairing or idea in mind that they would prefer to fill. Cross-posting is also encouraged
both in and out of the community. If you are going to cross-post, please do so in the
pimp post.
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