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Plus 28 Days

There's a New World Waiting For You
On October 31st, 1999, a group of eco-terrorists released a biological weapon at every major airport in the world. The infected became sick, then violent and murderous. 50 hours after the contagion was released, governments across the globe initiated states of emergency. Sites were designated as shelters with troops and Aurors sent to protect those sites at all costs. Those lucky enough to find shelter had to wait it out – the 28 long days for the infected to starve to death or kill each other in their madness. The world as you knew it is gone. Some remote areas are desolate nuclear wastelands. Cities are virtually devoid of life. Less than one percent of the total world population remains. Governments – both Magical and Muggle – struggle to maintain order and plan for the future of the human race.

Plus 28 Days is a plotty, smutty adult HP game set in post-DH currently 1 year after the war. Game time is currently the year 2000. The Ministry passed a petition-based Marriage Decree lasting 1 year [A voluntary subplot], attacks on Muggles in Eastern Europe caused borders closed to Magicals and the USA side has now opened for play.
On our 1 yr anniversary, the United States side of the game was introduced. We work in world plots once every 3-4 months and are very open to suggestions. Plus 28 Days game has a core group of players who will not be flitting off anytime soon and we welcome the chance to make new friends.

While we have a few spots open – we would also be open to a pair of friends come into the game together or a group of friends. Plotting is strongly encouraged but hey, we’re human and we like fun-times smut as well so 18+ please. Plus 28 Days is a laid-back RP environment - the drama is in our plots, not our players, and our world doesn't revolve around the trio.

George Weasley is needed to reopen his shop in Diagon Alley! His sister and brothers (all but Percy) are already in-game. We’d love to see an active Oliver Wood in the newly restarted Quidditch League and having a Lee Jordan DJ'ing for the WWN would be awesome. We're seeking a Lucius Malfoy willing to be involved in an 'evil' subplot - his wife and son are both ingame. Blaise Zabini would have plenty of company.

Game ~ Available & Cast ~ Apply ~ Rules ~ Premise
What will you do in the new world?
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