tatsumi_senpai (tatsumi_senpai) wrote in ad_anything,

City of Kismet


You have arrived at an unknown destination, having no idea how you got there. At first you are disoriented, but soon you begin to hear voices unfamiliar to you.

A woman stands over you with a smile, "Hello, and welcome to Kismet City." She hands you a strange communications device. (Your character will recieve either this one or this one .) The woman doesn't seem hostile, but there's just something about her that either gives people the chills or a warm and fuzzy feeling.

You look out the window, and it appears that there is a beautiful city below. The woman speaks again, "Is our city not beautiful? You are one of our newest citizens." She goes on to explain to you that you are in the future, year 7777. She doesn't tell you how you got there, or what happened in between your own time and her time.

Finally you are given a set of keys and suddenly without warning transported onto the streets of Kismet City. This right after the woman has warned you that there are certain people in her world that would be very interested in using you as a guinea pig and to be careful least you should wind up in their hands.

Now all that remains is to find the place the keys belong to. It might be a good idea to find that place, before the mad scientists find you.

Your journey has begun.

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