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Plus 28 Days - Post-DH HPG Minus Epilogue. Easygoing RPG

Plus 28 Days is a plotty, smutty adult HP game set in post-DH currently 1 year after the war. The game started in October when a bio-engineered virus (aka Plus 28 Days movie) was released that killed 98% of the human population. With the world reeling, the Wizarding world joined forces with the Muggles. The Ministry passed a petition-based Marriage Decree lasting 1 year [Not everyone is affected by it – it’s a subplot that is voluntary]. Another world-plot just started - Eastern Europe is closing borders to Magicals. We work in world plots once every 3-4 mths and are very open to suggestions.

The game has a core group of players who will not be flitting off anytime soon - we're going into our 9th month of play. We are friends and we welcome the chance to make new friends. While we have a few spots open – we'd love to have a pair of friends come into the game together or a group of friends, too. Plotting is strongly encouraged but hey, we’re human and we like fun-times smut as well so 18+ please.

Our very active Lavender Brown would love to have more people to interact with – she’s a reporter for the Daily Prophet and trying to find acceptance after Greyback's attack.

Just recently, we lost our Lee Jordan who was only just starting to take over the WWN – which is in dire need of repair and its currently just running endlessly looped old material. He’s an awesome DJ who would have a lot of free rein.

We’d love to see an active Oliver Wood in the newly restarted Quidditch League. We have active Viktor, Draco and Ginny playing seekers and Angelina Johnson as a chaser. Having more Slytherin and Hufflepuff grads playing on the teams would be awesome.

Seamus Finnigan would love to make friends with Dean Thomas again. Dean thought Seamus was playing Ginny but they're married now so Dean can see that Seamus wasn't being a jerk.

Sanguini is substituting as Professor of Astronomy and would love to see more teachers for professional and personal interaction. Theodore Nott has recently been named the new DADA teacher but the Ancient Runes spot is currently open.

Apply here. You can email our super friendly & helpful mods at to answer any questions! :)
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